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Biography - Jason Lucas

Jason Lucas Artist Biography Born in Juneau, Alaska in 1978, Jason Lucas lived the majority of his early life between Southeast, Alaska and Seattle, Washington. The rich hues, textures and vast landscapes of Alaska along with the distinct contrasts and line work of native American art in the Pacific Northwest coast have always heavily influenced his work. At the age of 19 Lucas moved to the lower 48 to pursue his career as a contemporary artist. Lucas has developed a unique method for creating his works through experimentation with different mediums, tools and techniques. He has continued to develop his presence in the contemporary art market, and is widely known for his simple line work and complex layering of textures creating a sense of Zen. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado. Jason Lucas Artist Statement My art is an account of my reflection on emotions surrounding people and incidents in my life. Colors, texture, contrast and movement represent moods and disposition. I sometimes involve distinct shapes in my work with lines and circles. These forms represent people and depict specific human interactions between them. My objective as an artist is to develop techniques using the same materials, tools and routine every-time. Then by introducing the human element, the result becomes infinite.